Types of visa for Canada

Types of visa for Canada

Folks across the globe wants to get in Canada to complete their studies, get married, start business or there can be any purpose. However, there are different types of visa for Canada that they need to have with them. Without this permission no one is permissible to enter into the border of Canada.

A Canada visa is something that holds an impression of a stamp on your passport. Through which you can visit to Canada. You can even say it as a permission for you to travel Canada to stay there for some days or even permanently as well.

An embassy or any Canadian consulate in your home town will conduct some test and check if you fulfill the requirements and falls in the category of eligible candidates. Further, if you have received one of the types of visa for Canada then you can touch the borders or customs of Canada. Hence, it is in the hands of Canadian officials to approve your visit and let you in. They even have the power to reject your visit to their country. So make sure you answer them correctly. Now let’s find out the applicable type of visa for Canada for your visit.


1- Startup visa program


When someone is coming to Canada for the purpose to start a startup with the group or even individually. Then the Canada startup visa is one of the types of visa for Canada for your purpose of visit. Because in some you are going to contribute into the country’s economy. You have to maintain some amount of stocks. Not only this, but also maintain the employment of 3 years as you are there in the country.


2- Work holiday visa


This type of visa is applicable for young people coming from 30 specific countries. This is to assist them with travel and work as well. The process if this visa is a random based selection. Now, this simply means that applicants will need to submit their application and wait patiently for their random selection.


3- Visa to give birth in Canada


This type of visa for Canada is offered to the people who falls under the category to stay temporarily there and are pregnant. They should fulfill all the requirements for the same. When you want to give birth to Canada then you need this visa. As you know that when you give birth to a baby in Canada the baby is automatically a Canadian citizen.


4- Canada Super visa


A type of visa for Canada that allows parents or grandparents whose relatives are Canadian citizens or own a Canadian permanent resident to visit their children or grandchildren for sometime or maybe extended time period.


5- Self-employed person visa


A scheme from the Canadian government for the self-employed people who have some skills in business, athletic, culture or farming or wants to start their own business. Apart from this, the candidates also needs to provide the financial proofs of how they are going to survive.


Hence, there are some of the important steps that you need to follow and don’t make any mistakes.


Steps to apply for the Canadian visa


Make sure that you have all of the required documents with you.


1- Fill up the application form.

2- Pay the application fees. The fees must be in the Canadian dollars.

3- Now it’s the time that you need to submit your application then the VAC staff is going to check and confirm for the same.

4- Now you will need to attend an interview for your final approval for the visa.



There are some of the reasons that leads to visa rejection that involves an unclear study plans. Also, when you have a null bank balance and you are not able to bear the sudden expense in Canada, it aldo leads to rejection of the visa application.

Hence, these were some of the types of visa for Canada which you have to choose on the basis of your purpose of visit. One of the most important thing is that you need to have a great command over English language. Sometimes it is required to provide the certificate for the same.







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